H2O Pure Accessories
Coffee Center
Cup Dispenser
  • Compact dispenser that can easily be mounted to a wall.
  • Stores 3 types of goods:
           - Example:  Instant Coffee, Sugar, Whitener,
             Hot Chocolate, or whatever else you would
             like. (goods not included)
  • With the push of a button, you are getting the same amount every time.
  • No spill tray.
  • Dimensions -  18" High  x  10" Wide  x  5" Deep.

  • Convenient top loading and dispensing cup holder.
  • Mounts to the side of your H2O Pure water dispenser.
  • No more wasted cups.

  • 6.5oz  hot/cold recyclable paper cups.

If you buy cups, we will provide a FREE cup dispenser
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